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As a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery, Facelift Without Surgery
is a non-invasive face gymnastics exercise program
designed for men and women who wish to immediately LOOK YOUNGER, or
wish to enjoy a younger looking skin on their face
and neck using their own fingertips.
With just a few easy-to-learn facelift exercises, you are able to
conduct your own natural DIY facelift that works fast! These
methods are based on the principle of acupressure, often known as yoga
facial exercises. The result is a new youthful
appearance and complexion because the program eradicates wrinkles,
lifts sagging skin, firms the overall facial tissue, and
creates a glowing younger looking skin.
Cosmetic surgery has its downside as opposed to a non-invasive facelift
performed with facial exercises. Facelift surgery
can make people's faces unnaturally taut, it's not permanent, and
leaves small incision marks left from the surgeon's scalpel.
The best non-surgical facelift can be accomplished with facial
exercises. It has no side effects, leaves no scars, and is under
your control. And you will drastically reverse the aging process in
your face and neck.
Facelift Without Surgery Program For Shedding Years Off Your Looks In
How to look younger with facial workouts is within your reach...
In this downloadable ebook, Wendy Wilken demonstrates the best, most
effective facial toning massage workouts on each of
the points. Facelift Without Surgery uses ancient Chinese facelift
aerobics exercise techniques that take a few minutes to apply
per week, and are very easy-to-learn.
The benefits of the face exercise routines illustrated in Facelift
Without Surgery are:
* 6 target areas will be improved - forehead, eye area, cheeks,
mouth area, chin and jowls, and neck

* Facial workouts WILL make you look younger; you will have less
face lines, firmer skin tone, more facial color

* Yoga facial exercises WILL make you feel and appear less stressed

* You may have some relief to headaches, migraines, and tension

* Digestion and sleep should improve

* Certain internal organs may function better e.g. Kidneys, lungs,
heart, intestines, liver with this facial toning system

* You WILL have conducted your own non-surgical facelift without a

* Anti-aging has never been easier. You can maintain your natural
facelift for the rest of your life!

Wendy Wilken is an experienced facial yoga exercise practitioner, and
is featured in the ebook called Facelift Without Surgery.
Exploring ways to look younger is her area of expertise. At the time of
the photos demonstrating these facial toning exercises,
she was 31 years old, had 2 kids and doesn't wear makeup. This is the
result of 9 years of utilizing these facial exercise
techniques for a few minutes a week.
She is living proof that this easy-to-learn non-surgical facial toning
program works miracles on the face! Feel free to
browse the website for more information on anti-aging skin care via
face aerobics exercises.
Facial aerobics exercises used to be performed by the Emperors and
Empresses in ancient China as
a form of DIY facelift without surgery to look younger. It worked for
them in those times, and the face
and neck workouts still work very effectively for women and men in our
modern times.
To learn more about facial exercises that can make you look 10 to 15
years younger within 30
days, and how to get your own non-invasive Chinese facelift for FREE,
read on...
How to look younger has never been simpler. A DIY natural facelift
without surgery is easy to maintain; after massaging
certain points on the face and body on a daily basis for the first 30
days, you can then keep the results via routine
maintenance 2 to 3 times per week. It is the ultimate system in
painless, Chinese acupressure facelift techniques, the mother
of all facial toning regimens, requiring no creams or other synthetic
anti-aging skin care products!
How do facial exercises work for a myriad of benefits?
When facial aerobics are applied to the face and neck muscles, the
underlying muscles
become oxygenated.
Simultaneously, the elastin is stimulated as the skin is stretched and
contracted during the
facial yoga exercise routines, thus increasing the skin's elasticity.
(Elastin is the stuff that
makes the skin springy and is present in the facial and neck skin, but
diminishes with age)
Blood and oxygen is channeled to the muscles during the massaging with
your fingertips. The
connective tissue which connects the muscles and the skin becomes more
flexible and firm.
Baggy skin now starts to lift, wrinkles fade, eye bags diminish, and
your complexion glows.
All because you started the best face gymnastics exercise program
around that incorporates
TONING as opposed to isometrics ...
Facelift Without Surgery will regain your looks in days!

"In just a few days of starting the program, I noticed a shallowing of
my crow's feet, and enhanced color to my
face. The fine lines just above my lips suddenly disappeared and the
skin on my face and neck appeared to
have lifted. My face seemed tighter. And that was just the first week!
It was great encouragement for me to
continue. Wendy's regimen is a lovely and fulfilling journey towards
looking younger."...Gill Dempsey(Australia)

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Copyright 2009 -2018 Facelift Without Surgery
Facelift Without Surgery teaches ancient Chinese secrets on how to look
younger using facial exercises...-

Downloadable PDF E-Book To Desktop Or Any Mobile Device
Immediately After Credit Card Or Debit Card Or Paypal Payment

Wendy's DIY non-surgical facelift facial exercises program works
wonders on your face, and in it she solves many mysteries on how to
look younger...
Wendy Wilken, author of
Facelift Without Surgery, is
a facial toning practitioner
and an expert in anti-aging
skin care techniques...
No Surgery Facelift Structure: Yoga Face Exercises Provide An
Outstanding Natural Facelift
Face Yoga Treatments Tend To Be The Supreme Non-Surgical Facelift For
All Women And Men

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